This section of the website will answer any questions that you have about the curriculum.

How can I take this course?
The course is available to you on Oxfam India’s website. The link to the course is also available on Oxfam India’s social media handles.

How do I register for the course?
In order to take the course, you need to register on the website, with a username and password. After registering you must login to start the course.

What device can the course be taken on?
The course can be taken on any smartphone, laptop or computer, however, it is suggested that the course should be taken on a laptop/desktop for easier engagement and access.

In case I have doubts or face a glitch who can I reach out to?
You can reach out to us on in case of any doubts or difficulties.

How much time do I need to dedicate to finish this course?
The course is self-paced. However, it is recommended that you spend at least an hour a week to finish the course at a timely pace. There are small quizzes at the end of each module that the taker needs to finish in order to obtain the certificate.

Is there a set start and end date?
There is no specific start or end date for the course as it is self-paced.

Who can take the course?
While the course has been created keeping in mind the target audience as school and college going young people, it is recommended that anyone interested in learning about violence against women and girls should take the course.

Do I have to pay anything for the course?
The course is free of cost and open for all.

Are there any deadlines?
There are no deadlines to finish any module, however it is recommended that once you begin a module, you must complete it inclusive of the quizzes.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes. All participants will be awarded a digital certificate after completion of all the modules and quizzes.