If you don’t to you personally, Banking companies of the Ohio, I Truly Like You

If you don’t to you personally, Banking companies of the Ohio, I Truly Like You

P9. Quotes: Nyc, 1901, actor/performer, gangsters. 1. Exactly who heard out of Casablanca? Really don’t have to superstar opposite certain unknown Swedish wider. 2. An element of the 10 million I made ran getting gambling, area to possess horses, area for females. The others We invested foolishly. Hint: I said there warn’t zero family including … Good. James Cagney B men looking for a woman. George Raft C. Edward G. Robinson D. Jack Palance

ten. Sci/Tech: Manchester Parish, Warwickshire, The united kingdomt, 1641, man out of Obadiah, he had been the father from Bush anatomy, typed the gripping Idea of an effective Phytological Background. Hint: Uncanny label articles once again! A beneficial. Richard S. R. Fitter B. Peter H. Raven C. Nehemiah Became D. Joseph Banking institutions

P11. Sports: Saginaw, MI, 1981, she’s acquired six Australian continent Opens up, 7 Wimbledons, six United states Unlock, only 3 French French Opens up, + 14 Majors from inside the doubles. Perhaps the best previously. Hint: The male is regarding s C. Martina Navratilova D. Margaret Legal

P12. Hint: We care and attention perhaps not a fig on her! A great. Julie Andrews B. Barbara Streisand C. Whitney Houston D. Olivia Newton-John

P1. Art/Culture: Born in Morganton, NC, in 1896, this senator was in 1954 appointed by VP Nixon to the committee to investigate Senator Joe McCarthy; his support of civil liberties helped topple McCarthy; 2 decades later, instrumental in exposing President Nixon in the Watergate scandal. A. Sam Ervin B. Everett Dirksen C. Mike Mansfield D. Howard Baker Hint: Stu.

P2. Geography: Into the 1938 The fresh new Queen Elizabeth try introduced. Just what area? Hint: The newest River Clyde. A good. Portsmouth B. Liverpool C. Glasgow D. Cardiff

P3. History/Politics: Produced inside the Boston, 1722, a sibling to help you a founder, a founding father of your U.S., rabble- rousing Leading edge, Boston Tea party-goer. Hint: Very little known out of his experiences due to the fact a maker. An effective. James Otis B. Samuel Adams C. John Hancock D. Jason Russell

Stage/Screen: Cambridge, Uk, 1948, singer/celebrity, 4 Grammys, fourteen silver records, 5 Billboard #1’s, starred in Grease

P4. Lang: Yokefleet Hall, Yorkshire, 1906, blogged 7 Form of Ambiguity, complaint bible for new Critics exactly who experienced inside the “close indication”. Ambiguity took place when “alternative views could well be taken rather than pure misreading.” Elizabeth. g.: We fed this lady cat dining. Hint: mother’s bath salts to remove splinters. An effective. F. Roentgen. Leavis B. Harold Flower C. William Empson D. Leslie Fiedler

P5. Lit: Lawrence, Nyc, 1917, their erican respectful society and you will dated currency. He or she is said to has continuing the fresh heritage from Henry James and you will Edith Wharton. His most well-known unique will be the Domestic of five Skills. Hint: An upsetting or painful beat. Terry Southern C. Louis Auchinloss D. Lawrence Durrell

P6. Music: Harlem, 1924, the guy translated Charlie Parker’s saxophone so you’re able to their guitar and you may assisted perform modern jazz. He was family which have Thelonious Monk. He played with Parker in a quintet which have Miles Davis, Tommy Potter, and you may Maximum Roach. Hint: Boog. Hint: Nick Charles throughout the Narrow Child. A great. Artwork Tatum B. Erroll Gather C. Bud Powell D. Earl Hines

An excellent. Nelson Algren B

P7. People: Landau, Bavaria, 1840, cartoonist scourge regarding Manager Tweed and you can Tammany Hallway; called the “Father of American Anime”; provided the newest Republican Party the elephant symbol developed the progressive type out of Father christmas. He drew for Harper’s A week. Hint: Well-known white verse poet. A. Thomas Nast B. Herblock C. Al Capp D. Bill Mauldin

P8. Potluck: Philadelphia, 1922, the guy led when you look at the sixties particularly winning videos given that Miracle worker, This new Chase, Bonnie and Clyde, Alice’s Cafe, and you may Absolutely nothing Big Son. In the 70s, the guy introduced the tv Show Laws and you can Purchase. Clue #1: fellow with larger forest. Hint #2: Leftist nitwit celebrity off Esoteric River. Good. Robert Altman B. Peter Bogdanovich C. Frank Capra D. Arthur Penn

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