Lox Club advises submitting a photo where your face is clearly visible – no far-away body shots or selfies with sunglasses

Lox Club advises submitting a photo where your face is clearly visible – no far-away body shots or selfies with sunglasses

“We don’t care about Instagram followers, and we tend to vibe with people who also don’t care about that,” notes facebook dating app nederland Kevitch. “Self-awareness is hot. So is someone who takes time to carefully consider their application responses. We’re looking for people who are intentional about being engaged with the platform and our events, not just looking for another dating app to aimlessly swipe on.”

You can typically expect a decision on your application within a couple of weeks, and if you’re accepted, you’ll get a notification from the app with a warm welcome. Even if you’re not approved, you’ll be offered a place on the waiting list instead of a flat-out rejection.

Being Waitlisted for Lox Club

According to Kevitch, there are several factors that might lead to being waitlisted rather than outright accepted. Those who do not take the application process seriously (no, emojis are not ever considered a real or appropriate answer), or who are very clearly only looking for non-committal hook-ups will likely be placed on the waitlist.

There are currently about 20,000 people on that waitlist, but don’t stress – Lox Club reviews this list weekly for potential new members, and they’ll send you a push notification as soon as your application status changes.

Membership Fees for Lox Club

This ensures each member is joining for the right reasons, and “serious about finding a meaningful connection” according to the Lox Club team.

Building Your Profile on Lox Club

Your profile on Lox Club includes a career and ambitions section, followed by school, work, location, and hometown. Members are also required to add six photos of themselves and answer three prompts, which they select from a long list of questions.

Those prompts range from sharing your bar/bat mitzvah theme to admitting the last thing you Googled or the most neurotic thing about you. Have fun with these! They’re a great opportunity to let your sparkling personality shine through (and what’s going to help rack up those matches).

How to Use Lox Club

In the interest of creating a culture in which every “like” feels meaningful and intentional rather than a numbers game, Lox Club has a limit on the number of members you can see at one time.

“We like to keep you on your toes, so the exact number changes every single time,” explains Kevitch. “Members typically will see around 10 members every six hours unless they choose to ‘skip the wait’ and purchase extra swipes.”

Once you and someone else both mutually hit the “like” button on each other’s profiles, you’ll both be notified that you have a new match. You can’t communicate with someone directly until they have expressed mutual interest.

Undoubtedly, one of the most unique features of the app is that all members have access to a matchmaker, who can help you spruce up your profile and make suggestions regarding images and prompts that are most likely to attract matches.

Kevitch tells AskMen that they’re also working on a new feature where you can share a handwritten note to another member who really catches your eye.

Ultimately, the best way to be successful on Lox Club, says Kevitch, is to be thorough in sharing as much information about yourself as possible.

“One-word answers to your prompts are not going to cut it,” he explains. “Humor is key, but also substance. Who are you? What’s your personality like? What am I getting myself into? I don’t want to read a novel, but I also don’t want to just see that your morning routine consists of ‘smoothie, yoga, shower.’ Give us a little bit of a taste. Get a little weird with it.”

Still, only around 20% of Lox Club applicants are accepted. As for what the membership committee looks for, Kevitch says that showing you’re driven, passionate, and balanced and taking the time to provide thorough, thoughtful responses to the questions can go a long way.

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