Real Life Implementation

We hope the course gave you an insight into the complexities within the discourses of gender, sexuality and violence against women and girls and inspired you to become a maker of change as a promoter of gender equality. We are thrilled to be a part of your journey in becoming change agents who are opinion-makers while also respecting all people and promoting inclusivity.

We hope that you would be able to use these learnings in your respective lives by taking the following steps:
Use inclusive language when communicating
Object to patriarchy and misogynist content used in social media, Whatsapp etc.
Talk to your peers or at home about your learnings
Promote women’s rights issues in your network of people
Know your legal rights – link of resources where one can read
Be open to constantly learning

As gender champions, we should also be aware of our legal rights. Please go through the resources below to understand the same:

In case you or someone you know is facing violence, below are some of the helplines and resources that you could use to report the incident or seek psychosocial or legal help: