Ripped between saving their mom and you can finishing this new quest, Percy ultimately uses Poseidon’s Pearls to find the missing gods’ circumstances

Ripped between saving their mom and you can finishing this new quest, Percy ultimately uses Poseidon’s Pearls to find the missing gods’ circumstances

This new trio confronts Hades, the father of lifeless, just who believes Percy stole the particular owner Bolt along with his Helm away from Darkness, that has been in addition to shed. And work out something tough, Hades discovers the new bolt inside the Percy’s backpack, so you’re able to Percy’s shock and you will need which he hand it over and he will bring Percy his mom back. Instantaneously returning from the Underworld, he finds out the war god Ares got set Learn Bolt throughout the bag whenever together with Hades’ Helm of Dark, and you will challenges the fresh new goodness to help you an excellent duel to own fingers of your own bolt in addition to head protection, and then he wins instantly due to your becoming next to water and Ares becoming as well assertive.

A dark colored force later revealed become Kronos closes an enthusiastic infuriated Ares out of killing Percy. Ares vanishes in his divine mode, making this new bolt and you may Helm away from Darkness at the rear of. Percy supplies the helm into the Furies to return they in order to Hades, which in return directs straight back Sally so you’re able to this lady flat, while the threesome visits New york to return the new bolt to Zeus. Percy brings Medusa’s visit Sally, who spends they to show Gabe on a sculpture that has been shielded as the a sculpture.

Hades spared Percy’s mother before she died regarding Minotaur, explaining brand new wonderful thumb however, Hades also believed that Percy took his Helm off Darkness which had been together with destroyed

Percy extends back in order to Camp 50 % of-Bloodstream, in which individuals within go camping congratulates your, Annabeth, and Grover simply because they was indeed the original people to get back regarding a pursuit once the Luke. At the end of the summer, Percy are unable to p or join seventh degrees and live with their mommy. The guy fundamentally decides to go teach to clear their mind, Cleveland singles in which he observes Luke training at swordplay. While they later on take in Coke with her on the tree, Luke shows he had been behind the new theft of the bolt and you can the newest Helm out-of Dark, and you will vanishes. However, before he left, he summons a pit scorpion so you can eliminate Percy. Percy manages to eliminate they, however it stabs their stinger into Percy’s hand. He attempted to achieve the camp however, collapses. not, numerous tree nymphs carry your and shortly after becoming provided ambrosia and nectar, Percy mends and you can decides to enroll in the latest 7th degree and return to camp second june.

The sea of Monsters

Whenever Percy try assaulted by Laistrygonian Monsters concealed while the college students in the university from inside the a game out of dodgeball when the creatures initiate putting cannon balls on him, Annabeth rescues your as well as Tyson one of Percy’s family unit members within their the fresh new university who was on school to own a job. He was in fact a good Cyclopes and therefore informed me as to why he had been most big. On the path to camp, on the Grey Sisters’ Cab, that’s a cab business manage by the Fates, Percy finds out some coordinates (new coordinates towards finding the brand new Golden Fleece) conducive to something he needs. Percy gets to go camping to get the go camping lower than assault because of the Colchis Bulls and you will drives her or him back which have assistance from Tyson just who are fireproof. He later on finds out Thalia’s Pine-tree is poisoned, meaning the new boundaries is actually weakened while the factors manager Chiron has actually come charged as the he could be Kronos’ son. Clarisse, the fresh new daughter regarding Ares and Percy’s opponent, is actually assigned a venture to go to the sea out of Monsters (using the coordinates Percy acquired) to obtain and you may recover new Fantastic Fleece, with recuperation efforts for vegetation, animals, and you may individuals which they must heal Thalia’s forest. Percy and Annabeth plan to wade plus, but Dionysus and you will Tantalus, the newest go camping manager substitution Chiron immediately following he had been fired, declined.

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