The class got big armour and you can safeguarding than most atmospheric activity

The class got big armour and you can safeguarding than most atmospheric activity


  • Galactic Republic
  • Republic Navy
  • Galactic Empire
  • Alliance to restore this new Republic
  • Recovered Kingdom

Brand new Nu-class assault bus, called this new Republic attack shuttle, are a motorboat utilized by the fresh new Grand Military of Republic in the Duplicate Battles.

Attributes [ ]

New Nu-category is a quicker, long-variety secondary build into the simple LAAT gunship line, and common similar construction characteristics to the NR2 gully jumper out-of the nice Galactic Combat. It was equipped with a hyperdrive, and can efforts a long point out of basics and you may motherships, that your hyperdriveless LAAT/i simply couldn’t. Nu-group as well as had seats on passengers on account of it becoming available for long way traveling, that LAAT/i did not provides on account of getting mainly useful atmospheric flights not as well away regarding a bottom and you can brief flights between facial skin in addition to mothership.

However, new LAAT/we stayed extremely just like new Nu: while the bus can only just hold 29 Duplicate troopers, the latest LAAT/i will hold can five speeder bicycles additionally, although this generated the fresh LAAT somewhat cramped. The brand new bus also lacked the fresh missile launchers of LAAT/we and you will was a student in standard much lower inside the a gunship part. Not enough an excellent hyperdrive and additionally made this new LAAT/i less costly to create. This is why, it was not a complete substitute for brand new affectionately nicknamed “larty” which was a significantly more popular eyes regarding hangars out of Acclamator-class violence boats and you can Venator-group Celebrity Destroyers.

It was constructed with bend-off wings, exactly like competitors including the V-19 Torrent and soon after shuttle designs such as the Theta-group and you may Lambda-classification. Their boarding hatch is actually found at the leading of one’s coach, as to what is the new vessel’s “chin”. The new pilots’ seating create down him or her for the boarding area for these to get off brand new boat, and you may charge-versa.

It could and have been completely equipped with certain setting out of tractor ray or magnetic cl because regularly hold Anakin Skywalker’s avoid pod immediately after he had damaged the newest Defender for the demand vessel of one’s Separatist blockade over the globe Ryloth.

Republic use [ ]

A coach of this type introduced Ahsoka Tano to Christophsis during much competition there. Commander Cody and you may Chief Rex flew the latest Nu-classification coach Obex since a shipping while conducting an inspection tour off Republic outposts staffed having newbie troops. After they got on listening article on the fresh Rishi moonlight, the shuttle are lost of the Confederacy droid commandos.

Various other Nu-classification coach lead Nahdar Vebb and a small team away from duplicate troopers towards third moonlight out-of Vassek in the purpose to help you recapture Nute Gunray. After falling on Standard Grievous’s palace, Jedi Grasp Equipment Fisto ordered this new clones to call in for reinforcements with the shuttle’s transceiver, however it is destroyed of the MagnaGuards.

An excellent Nu-classification coach was applied toward an excellent diplomatic objective by Chief CC-5869, his troops, Container Container Binks, and you can Senator Kharrus, have been en route to help you Florrum to the Weequay pirates’ lair having a beneficial bounty regarding spruce on-board while the a ransom money for Dooku. When you are typing Florrum’s surroundings, these were try down by pirates. Kharrus passed away from the crash along with the one or two pilots. New shuttle try unable to stop once more since it is broken in a few.

An excellent Nu-group coach was used to carry Anakin Skywalker’s escape pod after the guy shed a number one vessel blockading Ryloth into the Defender.

Since the Clone Wars progressed, more substantial variant having a huge underslung luggage bay, entered solution toward Republic. One particular bus try seized because of the Confederacy on Abafar, and you may was utilized so you can weight good Republic Venator-group cruiser having rhydonium to expend upwards a good Republic universe regarding the Carida system. Although not, the fresh new bus is actually grabbed by the Master Gregor and D-Team.

Later on play with [ ]

One or more escort shuttle dropped on hand of one’s Purple splinter faction referred to as “hard-liners” stationed towards the planetoid RZ7-6113-23. This new shuttle is actually taken from the bounty hunter Kir Kanos during the his getting away from the tough-liners’ vessel storehouse.

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