They added that it will adversely affect the children’s education

They added that it will adversely affect the children’s education

The new revelation context and standard concept of this verse try perhaps not, yet not, regarding the question of marriage to non-Muslims. New ancient translation says that verse had been found when several polytheist people off Quraish asked for its sisters to-be straight back, Oum Kelthoum and you can Bint Aqabah, when they got converted to Islam and migrated in order to Medina for the purchase to participate the new Muslim area.

That it generalized tip isn’t necessarily true while the “strength” and/or “weakness” of one’s spiritual faith isn’t of sex but alternatively into man or woman’s identification and reputation

It is really worth reminding that Prophet finalized at that time a contract titled Al-Hudaybya Pact for the contrary tribe off Quraish to end the fresh combat to possess 10 years. That it agreement stipulated, as well as others, one any Quraychit woman that would join the Prophet into the Medina without having any permission out of this lady legal teacher should be delivered back in order to Mecca spotted seznamka.

Oum Kelthoum, who was simply alone to convert so you’re able to Islam in her own family relations, and you can which fled from really hostile environments, begged the Prophet not to repatriate this lady so you can the girl tribe thus just like the never to feel unsealed once again on the unjust treatment.

The new verse aforementioned ended up being revealed to end the fresh extradition of women whom converted to Islam and steer clear of the brand new revenge of the respective household. Therefore, the Prophet would not upload back the exiled female into foes, given that contract try maintained for males.

The rationale of verse aforementioned implies that it can maybe not handle in any way the wedding in order to non-Muslims, but are as an alternative shown to fulfill particular strategic requirements off securing ladies who transformed into Islam resistant to the tend to of its relatives and exactly who voluntarily required the new Prophet’s coverage.

The fresh new contradiction that people high light within these classical interpretations concerns the newest proven fact that according to these types of scholars, Muslim women are banned to help you get married “disbelievers” in addition to Religious and Jewish boys, when you find yourself into case of Muslim males, Religious and you will Jewish women can be considered as believers. How can we consider, in the same Christian or Jewish people, that guys are disbelievers while you are people of the identical organizations is actually believers?

On absence of one proof that justifies the latest prohibition of the wedding regarding Muslim women on followers from almost every other monotheistic religions, this new contemporary students validate its attitudes of the “the newest pure fatigue” regarding Muslim women who might go astray under the “bad” determine of the Religious otherwise Jewish husbands. Although Muslim kid might be able to take over his Christian otherwise Jewish girlfriend and you may protect his children’s and you can own faith.

The brand new Qur’anic verse, dealing with the wedding away from Muslim women or men so you can believers off other religions, set particular guidelines playing with an enthusiastic egalitarian code

Actually, the dispute isn’t convincing since if new told you verse forbids the wedding anywhere between an effective Muslim lady and you will a Religious otherwise Jewish boy since it is unanimously translated now, therefore such as matrimony is even forbidden on the Muslim boy. However, considering various Qur’anic verses while the Islamic ethics, Christians and you can Jews are thought unanimously since the believers belonging to religions found by Allah no matter what current variations in terms of the brand new dogma additionally the theological philosophy.

Thus, the analysis in the verse means that this new Qur’an forbids the wedding from both Muslim individuals polytheists.

But it is well worth discussing one to scholars agree unanimously to the prohibition of one’s wedding from a good Muslim lady in order to a great Jewish otherwise Religious, when you find yourself no a portion of the Qur’an provides for including ban you to justifies so it discrimination.

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